1. Creator Prepares a Scene

Using ORBX

The RNDR Network functions using the ORBX Scene File Format. Any works that a user wants to render on the network need to be exported as ORBX files using OctaneRenderTM Standalone or an OctaneRender Plugin Integration. Once a scene is exported as an ORBX file, it can then be uploaded to RNDR for peer-to-peer rendering. Please See OctaneRender Documentation for packaging ORBX Scenes to be uploaded to RNDR as well as FAQ material here.
When preparing a scene it is highly recommended that prior to rendering on RNDR a creator:
  • Checks the scene in OctaneRender standalone in order to ensure that all materials and settings convert properly and no additional optimization is required.
  • Run a smaller test prior to submitting a large scale job. For example submitting a smaller test of a frame range prior to uploading a large animation sequence.