How to get started as a Node Operator
Joining the network, setting up your node and understanding RNDR
To join the network as a node operator, complete the RNDR Interest Form and you will be added to the on-boarding queue. When your node is ready to be added, The RNDR Team will follow up with more on-boarding information.

Recommended Hardware

Please see the RNDR FAQ for more detailed hardware information, however our general recommendations are:
    A CUDA-enabled NVIDIA® GPU and a minimum of CUDA® 10.1 drivers with support for compute capability 3.0 or higher (the minimum driver version is 419). We recommend a minimum 6GB of VRAM, and 8+GB VRAM is preferred.
    32+ GB System Memory (RAM) is a recommended minimum with more RAM helping your node process more complex scenes.
    Strong Network Connectivity is required to download and upload assets.
    100GB Free Disk Space is recommended. SSDs and non-mechanical hard drives are also preferred for faster read/write speeds. RNDR uses a node's C-Drive, so if you have multiple drives, please use the faster Drive or SSD as the Temp Folder in the C-Drive, and ensure there is sufficient space.
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