Upload ORBX Scene for Rendering

Guiding you through your first upload
Using Octane Standalone or any of the OctaneRender supported plugins, export your scene as an ORBX file. From there, navigate to the Scenes page by clicking on the "Scenes" tab in the top right. Click on the cloud icon and select an OctaneRender Package File (files with .orbx extensions).
Successfully uploaded scenes will appear as pictured
[SECURITY NOTE]: When you are uploading Scenes to Render Network, each file is encrypted during the uploading process and cannot be retrieved once on Render Network. As a result, Render Network does not fully function as cloud storage and we encourage storing a backup of your work internally.

Uploading a Scene from an Octane DCC Integration

This process varies for some OctaneRender plugins that are more deeply integrated into the Host 3D Content Creation tool. For example, with Cinema4D, please consult the 'Octane Cloud Rendering' section of the OctaneRender for Cinema4D manual.